latin women

A latin woman is a person that has a fantastic sense of style and is very independent. They are also very vulnerable to domestic violence. Having respect and equality in relationships is important to them.

They’re vulnerable to domestic violence

Hispanic women are disproportionately victims of domestic violence. In the past 12 months, one in twelve Latinas reported having been the victim of intimate partner violence. This is a stark contrast to White and Black women.

One of the biggest challenges for Latinas is accessing formal services. There are a number of barriers for Latinas, including language. If they are not fluent in English, they may find it difficult to reach a local shelter.

There is also the concern of immigration status. Undocumented Latinos fear deportation. They may be hesitant to leave an abusive situation.

For many, the threat of deportation is a powerful incentive to stay in an abusive relationship. The culture of machismo contributes to the prevalence of domestic violence in Hispanic communities.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of understanding the cultural values of a victim. As such, programs should include advocates who understand these values. Additionally, they should be offered in a language the victim understands.

They have a fantastic sense of style

Latin women have a pretty great sense of style. The best part is that leading apparel makers are putting this trend on the mainstream consumer radar.

There are many examples of Latino style, and some of the best known are from Venezuela. For instance, Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera is a household name. She has a successful line with New York & Company, a vanguard Los Angeles clothing store.

Other notable designs include Veronica Jimenez’s sportswear-infused, Mexican-themed line. Likewise, Spanish aficionados should look to Kbond in Los Angeles. These are just a few of the best. While the Latino fashion industry is still nascent, it’s evident that these young Latinos are taking a page out of the fashion books. One can’t help but wonder if the style is catching on in other parts of the world.

They love dates

In Latin America, first dates are always a blast. Whether it’s a dance, street carnival, or nighttime hike, your date will never be boring.

Unlike westerners, Latin women don’t shy away from compliments. They expect to receive one after paying for a meal. And they don’t like to be rude on dates.

If you’re looking to date a Latin woman, it’s important to learn some basic Spanish phrases. Even if you’re not an expert, this will show her that you’re serious about her.

You might be surprised to know that a lot of Latin American countries have cheaper life than the United States. This means that you can afford to spend a little on a first date. However, you shouldn’t be overly extravagant. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you’re dressed nicely and that you’re ready for a drink or two.

They’re independent

If you’re a Latina, chances are you’re proud to be one. Latinas have a lot of things to be proud of, not the least of which is their propensity to be entrepreneurial. They aren’t exactly household names when it comes to the Fortune 500, but 788,000 Latinas ran their own businesses in 2011, up 46 percent from five years earlier. The aforementioned accomplishment has been accompanied by a number of outreach programs designed to ensure that Latinas make their mark in higher education.

For starters, a recent study by Harvard Business School found that Latinas own more than 10 per cent of all women-owned businesses. More importantly, these women have been responsible for creating and promoting a range of important social and technological innovations. These include the Internet, cell phones, computers, social media and wireless Internet.